Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Furniture – Antique Bench


Today’s Friday Furniture piece is this antique bench that we picked up over 10 years ago.


IMG_8238 (2)

We painted it white and covered it in a damask print material and have been trying to unload this baby ever since.

This past winter we decided to distress it.

Still no bites.

I decided that perhaps the material was a bit outdated???

So I re-covered it with some painters drop cloth that I had leftover from my curtain project.

check out our curtain project post here

The burlap on the bottom is original!

IMG_0776 (2)

I was going to remove it and replace it with new.

IMG_0672 (2)

But I thought it best to leave it as is.

IMG_0770 (2)

Here she is today!

IMG_0922 (2)

IMG_0959 (2)

IMG_0958 (2)

IMG_0953 (2)

IMG_0942 (2)

IMG_0941 (2)

IMG_0939 (2)

IMG_0937 (2)

IMG_0935 (2)

IMG_0933 (2)

IMG_0931 (2)

IMG_0930 (2)

IMG_0897 (2)

IMG_0776 (2)

IMG_0770 (2)


Painters Drop Cloth.

IMG_5533 (3)


IMG_0804 (2)

Staple Gun and extra staples.

IMG_0790 (2)

I prefer to use an air compressor staple gun but for this post I decided to use our manual style instead of dragging in the compressor and hose.

(which are both covered in paint and stain!)

IMG_0809 (2)

IMG_0808 (2)

IMG_0819 (2)

Pull tight, staple and trim off extra material.

IMG_0825 (2)

IMG_0830 (2)

IMG_0890 (2)

IMG_0885 (2)

IMG_0869 (2)

Shabby Distressed Antique Bench.

Re-upholstered with painters drop cloth to give it that old grain sack look.

Perfect for an entryway or at the foot of the bed.

Measures 38 inches wide from arm to arm.

37 inches tall (at tallest point on back of bench).

26 1/2 inches from seat to floor.

And 19" deep in the seat.

This piece is available for purchase.


Local pick-up only.

Medina, TN

If interested e-mail us @

Happy Friday!


  1. It's very beautiful and you did a fine job! I love your RA shabby comforter, I have one just like it ♥

    1. Thanks Sandy! I love how it turned out! The comforter is my daughters :) She <3's the shabby collection as well.

  2. I agree that I think the fabric was holding buyers back. The new look is awesome. I love the distressed carving on the back. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I love the new look as well! I used the same material on my headboard several years back. I am thinking I need to update that as well :) Thanks again for hosting "What We Accomplish Wednesdays"!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharon :) That means a lot coming from you!
      Love your Blog! Thanks for looking :)

  4. Gorgeous! The drop cloth fabric made all the difference. I actually just posted about a chair I recovered, also using drop cloth. ;)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. Thanks Angela! Funny! I was just going to comment on your chairs! I found your blog @ link party :) They turned out great! Thanks for the hook up on all the link parties on your blog post. I'm new to the blogging world so I greatly appreciate it! Thanks for looking :)


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