Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Day Mantle

It has been a few years
 since I have decorated
for Valentines Day.
But with all the
motivation from my
favorite Blogs and 
This cute banner
I found yesterday.
I thought I would
get back into the
 spirit of things.
So here goes......
I spotted this banner  
yesterday at a
local gift shop and
thought to myself,
you can do
something with this.
So I snagged it up.
 When I got home I
started rounding up
items to add to my
 mantle in my Living Room.
I re-used the pots that my rosemary trees were in at Christmas time.
Popped some boxwood
balls in them.
And added a chalk heart.

My sister gave me the
old window frame
a few years back .
The wreath is also
 from my Christmas decor.

It was perfect and
I did not have to 
change a thing.

The red berries and 
ribbon fit right in with
the valentines day theme.
The candle holders are
from my back stock :)
(I get rid of nothing!)
 And the wreath has been
 floating around
this house for years.
 I found this cute
little pink ball in my
stash of old decor.
All in all I think
it turned out pretty great!
I am tickled pink :) 
Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two of a Kind

Today I thought I would
share with you the story
 of two pieces that
were meant to be together.

I will start with this guy here.

Not in the best of shape.
But that's how we like em!
This was part of the
same lot as the table and buffet's mentioned here
and here
Nothing some glue and
 screws can't handle.
Here is the finished piece.


And this is his
long lost friend.
We found this one 
a couple of years ago
on craigslist.

The sides are
exactly the same.

Two of a kind :)
While I was snapping
 pictures of the dresser
and chest of drawers
I thought I would snap
a few extra of my bedroom.
I found this cute tray/dish
 at the Goodwill.
This one I picked up
on clearance at Target.
Loving the gold bottom!
The words I would use
 to describe my decorating
style in our master 
bedroom would have to be

( more on this beauty at the post below )






Some would say

I picked up the
two bedside tables
at a local shop.
The headboard we
made ourselves.
We even made our own buttons.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Customer Re-Finish, Dream's & Peppers

When we first started to
re-finish furniture it
was more of a hobby.
An inexpensive way to
furnish our home with
quality furniture.

The transformation of a
piece has always provided
us with an enormous sense
of accomplishment.

Over the years we have
re-finished several pieces
for family, friends,
 neighbors and co-workers.
We also re-finish pieces
 for re-sale.
The problem with that
is I tend to want to keep
all the pieces that we find!
Today we are featuring
 a dresser that we
re-finished for a
neighbor of ours.

This piece had belonged
to her mother and had
been stored in her 
garage for years.
So we got to work.

And brought it back to life.

Here is the finished piece.

 She was extremely happy
and could not wait
to get it home.
Our dream is  

to one day

have our own


Maybe something like this.......
A girl can dream can't she? :) 

 Here is the recipe for the stuffed peppers I posted a
sneak peek of last night.
Sausage & Cream Cheese
Stuffed Sweet Peppers
2 pkgs. Mini Bell Peppers
1 lb. Hot Breakfast Sausage
1 1/2 c. Shredded Parmesan Cheese
8 oz. Cream Cheese
Brown sausage and mix
together with cream cheese
and Parmesan cheese.
 While sausage is cooking
 prepare peppers by cutting
 in half lengthwise and
scoop out insides. 
 Fill peppers with filling. 
Bake at 350 for
about 20-25 minutes.

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