Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our German Hutch

Three years into marital bliss we up-rooted our family and moved to Germany.

While stationed there we purchased this hutch at a small furniture shop.

That was over 25 years ago and it still looks just as beautiful as the day we purchased it.

IMG_9522 (2)

We had it in storage since moving, over a year ago.

It is such a beautiful piece of furniture and I really wanted to find a place for it in our current home.

IMG_9696 (2)

We hauled into the living room.

Placed it on the only empty wall available.

And there it sat.


For a month.

I added a basket


some hydrangeas.

  And still it sat.


For another couple of weeks.

IMG_9697 (2)

And on a recent visit to Hobby Lobby I found these platters on sale in the Easter/Spring section for 30% off.

IMG_9694 (2)

IMG_9693 (2)

I thought they would look great standing up inside the hutch.

So I snatched 4 of them up.

We used our router to cut a groove in the shelves for the platters to rest in.


IMG_9749 (2)


IMG_9778 (2)

IMG_9768 (2)

And there the platters sat.

All alone.

For a couple more weeks.

When I finally decided to add a few final touches.

Like this little silver creamer that had belonged to my Grandmother.

 IMG_9572 (2)

IMG_9587 (2)

Along with this silver tea pot which had belonged to my Grandmother as well.

IMG_9687 (2)

IMG_9626 (2)

IMG_9654 (2)

I found these pewter salt & pepper shakers at the Goodwill.

IMG_9665 (2)

Tennessee, Pewter.

IMG_9644 (2)

I picked this silver dish up at a local antique mall over Christmas time to hold dinnerware and thought it would be a perfect addition.

IMG_9543 (2)

IMG_9721 (2)

Along with another Goodwill find.

IMG_9546 (2)

IMG_9549 (2)

I placed a bowl of green apples on the bottom to add a touch of color.

IMG_9728 (2)

IMG_9739 (2)

And here it sits.

Happy to be home again :)

IMG_9522 (2)

Happy Thursday!

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