Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Furniture – Railroad/Industrial Carts


Today for Friday Furniture I thought I would share with you our railroad cart refinishing project.

We purchased these carts in Mississippi when we first moved to Tennessee over a year ago.

Loading two of these babies into the back of the truck was not easy!!

100_5078 (2)

The top boards were in bad shape so we removed them.

100_5086 (2)

And decided to replace them with some old barn boards we removed from an old barn last spring that were in far better shape.

100_5202 (2)

We planed them down to clean them up a bit.

143 (2)

100_5089 (2)

We removed the hardware and wheels and cleaned them with a stiff wire brush.

100_5087 (2)

And painted them black.

100_5099 (2)

100_5100 (2)


100_5198 (2)

139 (2)

It now resides in our son’s apartment.


As seen here

I Red heart big carts and I can not lie!

Another great find was this guy.

IMG_9853 (2)

The top has a metal overlay.


Which adds even more character.

IMG_9843 (2)

We just cleaned it up a bit with a wire brush and left it as is.

IMG_9840 (2)


We found the old metal placard under all of the dirt.

IMG_9828 (2)

I’m keeping this one!




And since I love flowers as much as my cat’s love to eat them!

I took one of the old boards that we removed from the rail road carts, a metal clamp and an old bell jar and made this hanging vase for my hearth room.

final 1

final 2

To keep the old rustic look I used the old nails that we saved from the carts to attach the vase to the wall.

final 3

final 4

final 5



  1. We have a couple of those carts at the printing company I work for in Florence, AL! I love these carts! They are noisy, but I wish so bad I could take one home and turn it into something like this! I doubt it would fit in my car and I'm pretty sure everyone would see me struggling!! ;) All I can do is dream I guess!

    1. I'm glad you can appreciate them like I do! LOL! Not your typical boring coffee table :) Happy Friday :)

  2. I L-O-V-E this up-cycle... what a great idea and they look fabulous!


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