Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Master Closet Renovation Update & Absence


This past week has been tough :(

We lost our Abner. 

IMG_0602 (2)

He has been a part of our family for 12 years. 

The loss has been hard. 

I have struggled to get upstairs and blog. 

I miss my little companion sitting on the desk and hanging out with me.

R.I.P. my little friend.


On a lighter note :)

We did manage to get our closet floor finished.

We found the wood flooring in the attic when we first moved in.

  It was leftover/extra from when they built the home.

IMG_8887 (2)

We picked up a couple buckets of adhesive.

IMG_8881 (2)

Rounded up some basic supplies.

IMG_8878 (2)

IMG_9806 (2)

And got to work!

IMG_9863 (2)

A couple of sore backs.


Some worn out knees. 

IMG_0671 (2)

But well worth it!

IMG_9956 (2)

Looks great!

IMG_9954 (2)

IMG_4537 (3)

IMG_9954 (2)

IMG_9959 (2)

IMG_9963 (2)

Floor is done.


IMG_9954 (2)

Ceiling and light are done.


IMG_8860 (2)

as mentioned here


Now to plan the Built – In’s …….

So many ideas!

Here are some of our favorites.

Love the doors <3

Something's gotta give closet

Dreamy Shoe Storage Red heart 



What girl wouldn’t like an island in her closet!



A shoe wall AND an Island!

Yea Baby!


And this?



Happy Tuesday :)

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