Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Furniture – Antique Bench


Today’s Friday Furniture piece is this antique bench that we picked up over 10 years ago.


IMG_8238 (2)

We painted it white and covered it in a damask print material and have been trying to unload this baby ever since.

This past winter we decided to distress it.

Still no bites.

I decided that perhaps the material was a bit outdated???

So I re-covered it with some painters drop cloth that I had leftover from my curtain project.

check out our curtain project post here

The burlap on the bottom is original!

IMG_0776 (2)

I was going to remove it and replace it with new.

IMG_0672 (2)

But I thought it best to leave it as is.

IMG_0770 (2)

Here she is today!

IMG_0922 (2)

IMG_0959 (2)

IMG_0958 (2)

IMG_0953 (2)

IMG_0942 (2)

IMG_0941 (2)

IMG_0939 (2)

IMG_0937 (2)

IMG_0935 (2)

IMG_0933 (2)

IMG_0931 (2)

IMG_0930 (2)

IMG_0897 (2)

IMG_0776 (2)

IMG_0770 (2)


Painters Drop Cloth.

IMG_5533 (3)


IMG_0804 (2)

Staple Gun and extra staples.

IMG_0790 (2)

I prefer to use an air compressor staple gun but for this post I decided to use our manual style instead of dragging in the compressor and hose.

(which are both covered in paint and stain!)

IMG_0809 (2)

IMG_0808 (2)

IMG_0819 (2)

Pull tight, staple and trim off extra material.

IMG_0825 (2)

IMG_0830 (2)

IMG_0890 (2)

IMG_0885 (2)

IMG_0869 (2)

Shabby Distressed Antique Bench.

Re-upholstered with painters drop cloth to give it that old grain sack look.

Perfect for an entryway or at the foot of the bed.

Measures 38 inches wide from arm to arm.

37 inches tall (at tallest point on back of bench).

26 1/2 inches from seat to floor.

And 19" deep in the seat.

This piece is available for purchase.


Local pick-up only.

Medina, TN

If interested e-mail us @

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Projects Galore & Spring Tablescape


This week has flown by!

We are so busy working on projects around here that I have not had time to sit down and post all week.

The credenza is almost done and we are super excited about this reveal!


We have also been busy working on our “eat” signs!

IMG_9868 (3)

Available in our etsy shop @

And I am in the process of recovering this bench.

IMG_8238 (2)

We have been unable to unload it.

I’m thinking maybe the material is a bit outdated????

So I rounded up a few items from previous projects.

Like this painters drop cloth leftover from my curtain project.

as seen in this post

IMG_5533 (3)

And this this burlap ribbon that I picked up on clearance at Wal-Mart and got to work.

IMG_0672 (2)

I plan on posting the results of the bench tomorrow :) 

Yesterday I was able to get my Easter Tablescape finished.

And of course I had to incorporate my Heir Casserole dish!

As mentioned in this post

IMG_0506 (2)

IMG_0509 (2)

IMG_0504 (2)

IMG_0506 (2)

IMG_0500 (2)

IMG_0499 (2)

IMG_0498 (2)

I also wanted to use the new bowls that I recently picked up at the Goodwill.

As mentioned in this post

IMG_0535 (2)

IMG_0511 (2)

IMG_0470 (2)

Since I only had four of them and needed service for six I decided to incorporate these white  bowls that I picked up at the $1 Store a few weeks back while on the hunt for something to go inside our hutch.

See our German Hutch post here

IMG_0491 (2)

The beading on the bowls is what caught my attention!

IMG_0501 (2)

IMG_0489 (2)

IMG_0530 (2)

I found the moss balls, head of cabbage, bird nests, eggs & chargers at Hobby Lobby.

IMG_0484 (2)

IMG_0472 (2)

IMG_0473 (2)

IMG_0469 (2)

The little ruffle white bowls, egg holders and green flower bowls are from Pier 1.

IMG_0661 (2)

And the table runner was on clearance at Marshalls.

IMG_0657 (2)

IMG_0663 (2)

Hoppy Thursday :)