Monday, July 22, 2013

Among Other Things

While working on other projects this weekend like…..

Stripping this old mantle we picked up for our booth.


Making candles for our booth.

IMG_5846 (2)

And working on orders for our Cook and Eat signs.



IMG_9992 (2)

We stopped for a bit to complete this quick hall closet makeover.

If you happen to follow us on Facebook you might remember this picture.


We picked these bridge units up at a local furniture discount shop in Jackson, TN for only $5 ea!!!

Deal of the century!

They are over 6' long and come with lights attached!

They are PERFECT for our closet renovation project!!!

Woot! Woot!

We picked up a couple of extra units since they were such a deal and over the weekend Steve came up with a brilliant idea for one of them!

Since moving in I have always wanted to add shelving to this hall/coat closet so that we would have a place to store extra bedding, pillows & linens.


IMG_5832 (2)


IMG_5890 (2)

And now I do :)

Not to shabby for only $5 bucks and some extra wood and screws huh?

IMG_5869 (2)

IMG_5874 (2)

Now we just need to get back to work on the closet!

Check out our master closet renovation here

and here

Happy Monday :)

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