Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Booth 2110


We rented space for A shop outside of our home! 

Here is our little 10x10 booth located at

Yarbro's Antique Mall

350 Carriage House Drive

Booth #2110

Jackson, TN



It wasn’t planned.

Our daughter saw a space that was available and called us.

Now we are running around like crazy people trying to get it ready!

IMG_1600 (2)

We removed the shelves in the corner and are in the process of touching up the walls.

We plan on wrapping the support beam with wood.


We also have a little more work to do on the flooring.

We purchased some jute rugs which are made out of 12x12 squares tied together.

They work great!

We were able to cut off some of the squares and re-tie them to fix the bare spots.

We also placed another large area rug over the top of the jute rug to add a little color and protect the spots where we tied them together.

IMG_1629 (2)

I also pulled out the sewing machine and made some fabric bunting garlands for the shop.

IMG_1582 (2)

I hung a few on a couple of the walls for now.

Not sure how I want to display them??

I’m sure I will figure something out.

IMG_1607 (2)

We made a couple more sets of pallet shelves and used one of the sets to display our chicken chalk boards.

IMG_1618 (2)

We also made another barn board spoon rack to hang our flatware key chains from.

Fitting, don’t ya think?


IMG_1601 (2)

Make one yourself!

Tutorial Here


IMG_1603 (2)

We are also working on this display piece!

IMG_1592 (2)

I love the color!

 We mixed turquoise with white.

The following pictures show the color better.

We attached pieces of wood to the back of the doors to keep them open at all times.

IMG_5765 (2)

We also picked up a piece of chalk board and are going to cut it to fit in the middle of the large doors on top (where we did not paint).

We are going to place it on the back wall where the bench is.

IMG_1600 (2)

IMG_5769 (2)

IMG_5773 (2)

I painted these little wall hooks I had on hand red.

IMG_5786 (2)

I plan on hanging one on each door and using them to display one of my fabric flag buntings.

Wait till you see this beauty full of goodies!

IMG_5790 (2)

{ Furniture-Ology} 

Yarbro's Antique Mall

350 Carriage House Drive

Booth #2110

Jackson, TN


Come see us!

Happy Tuesday :)




  1. WOOOHOOOO! :) Congratulations!! I'm loving it already!!

  2. very exciting! It's so fun having your own booth! Be prepared, it takes on a life of its own! I now have 3 booths!

    1. Ha! Thanks for the advice! :) I'm sure loving it so far!

  3. Why must you live so far away from me?! Looks like the start to an awesome booth & seriously wish I could visit!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. Thanks Angela! I feel the same way about you! I wish you were closer so I could snag some of your great pieces!! Seriously! You amaze me! You are like the energizer bunny! You just keep going and going and going and going! :) :) Thanks for stopping by :)


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