Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds Thursday

Busy day today :)
But wanted to pop in and show you a few of my recent thrift store finds.
I found these hurricane sconces at the Goodwill and fell in love with them.
IMG_6406 (2)
I took some round ceramic picture frames that I had on hand removed the back and popped out the glass.
IMG_6405 (2)
The candles fit perfectly inside.
IMG_6400 (2)
Bada Bing Bada Boom!
IMG_6410 (2)
Another great find were these old pictures. 
IMG_6445 (2)
Good ol’ Goodwill :)
IMG_6423 (2)
IMG_6414 (2)
I Red heart them!
IMG_6583 (2)
I also found these vintage “Blue Boy” and “Pink Girl” Pictures.
I wonder if they came from the same home?
IMG_6430 (2)
They remind me of something my Mother would have had in her home.
IMG_6437 (2)
IMG_6435 (2)
Last but not least are these platters.
IMG_6605 (2)
Which I hung on the wall in the Dining Room.
IMG_6624 (2)
IMG_6631 (2)
All in all I’m happy with my new thrift store finds.
Off to find some more good deals!
Happy Wednesday!

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