Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bookshelves & Memories


During my little dusting party the other day I realized that these bookshelves hold many memories.

Like this little chair that Steve’s Great Grandfather whittled by hand.


IMG_6687 (2)

Steve definitely gets his talents from his Grandfather.

Image (13)

IMG_6698 (2)

IMG_6695 (2)

Image (15)

Image (14)

An old fishing reel that belonged to his Grandfather.

IMG_6655 (2)

Several old books that belonged to his Grandparents and Aunt.

IMG_6486 (2)

Here are a few of my favorites.

IMG_6478 (2)

IMG_6575 (2)

IMG_6547 (2)

I found these old flyers inside.

IMG_6497 (2)

IMG_6490 (2)

Along with this old receipt from 1907.

IMG_6463 (2)

And these four leaf clovers.

Love these!

IMG_0309 (3)

A handmade birthday card that Steve had given to his Grandfather when he was little.

IMG_6465 (2)

So happy I found this one!

IMG_6469 (2)

IMG_6474 (2)

I found these busts at a local antique shop here in Tennessee and was beyond happy.

IMG_6568 (2)

I had an original set of them that had belonged to my Mother. 

When we moved back from Germany the movers broke them. 

I was able to repair the boy but the girl was beyond repair.

IMG_6560 (2)

IMG_6666 (2)

IMG_6812 (2)

IMG_6732 (2)

IMG_6703 (2)

I discovered this old grain sack under the material I was removing from one of his Grandmother’s chairs.

IMG_6881 (2)

It was in pretty bad shape but I managed to get two squares cut out of it.

IMG_6876 (2)

And framed them.

IMG_6879 (2)

Here is the chair today.

It needs a lot of work.

I hope I do her proud.

IMG_4025 (3)

I love the pictures I took of this chair so much that I decided to use one of them as the background for our blog picture as you can see below.

New Logo Pic_edited-1 (2)

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.

Happy Tuesday!

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