Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Operation Pantry Makeover (Part I)

Here in the Saunders household,

We are not big fans of cleaning.

I suppose at times it does bring some satisfaction.

But other times,






So today I am going to give our pantry an easy and simple makeover.

Which will make our many visits to it during the day a joy (sarcasm!)

I picked up a few of these fabric covered storage bins at Lowes to hold pet supplies, leashes, garbage bags, etc..

IMG_8639 (2)

The colors are great!

 IMG_8629 (2)

I also found some metal baskets at Target for cleaning supplies.

IMG_8620 (2)

We had some extra contact paper that matched perfect!

So I am going to attempt to cover the walls behind the shelves with it.

IMG_8661 (2)

Here are some before pictures.

IMG_8608 (2)

IMG_8606 (2)

IMG_8604 (2)

IMG_8598 (2)

I will be back tomorrow with the results!

Happy Wednesday!

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