Friday, January 18, 2013

White Elephant - rare, valuable, but perhaps unwanted

Today's Post
features Buffet
 Dining Room Table
 that we picked up
off of craigslist.
Since this was going to
be a re-sale we
decided to paint it.
Painted Buffets have
been popular lately.
After all we are
here to please :)
I do love painted furniture! 
 It brings out all the details.
Here is a before of the table .

 It has seen better days.

A little sanding.
A little painting.
She's a beauty! 

 We posted the set on
craigslist before the
chair's were done thinking
 we would have time to
re-upholster them
before it sold.
But it went so fast
 that I forgot to take
pictures of the
finished chairs.
I guess it was a good
thing that I did not
 re-upholster them because
 the couple that purchased
the set wanted to pick
out their own fabric.
Here are some before
pictures of the chair's.

 Happy Friday!


  1. WOW! What a great set.. I'm sure it will sell quickly as you did such a beautiful job! Found you at MMS...

    1. Thanks for looking and the nice comments :) We sold it quick!

  2. You guys have such talent! What a gift. I pray you do get your shop someday!


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