Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Day Mantle

It has been a few years
 since I have decorated
for Valentines Day.
But with all the
motivation from my
favorite Blogs and 
This cute banner
I found yesterday.
I thought I would
get back into the
 spirit of things.
So here goes......
I spotted this banner  
yesterday at a
local gift shop and
thought to myself,
you can do
something with this.
So I snagged it up.
 When I got home I
started rounding up
items to add to my
 mantle in my Living Room.
I re-used the pots that my rosemary trees were in at Christmas time.
Popped some boxwood
balls in them.
And added a chalk heart.

My sister gave me the
old window frame
a few years back .
The wreath is also
 from my Christmas decor.

It was perfect and
I did not have to 
change a thing.

The red berries and 
ribbon fit right in with
the valentines day theme.
The candle holders are
from my back stock :)
(I get rid of nothing!)
 And the wreath has been
 floating around
this house for years.
 I found this cute
little pink ball in my
stash of old decor.
All in all I think
it turned out pretty great!
I am tickled pink :) 
Happy Thursday! 

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