Thursday, January 24, 2013

When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Since moving in we have
been tossing around ideas
 for our laundry/mud
room door.

When you opened the
door you had limited
access to storage,
 laundry baskets,

 and coat hooks.

One idea was to remove the
 door and make an archway
 similar to others 
in our home. 



Another idea was to
install a dutch door.

 Which would be perfect
since it would hide
the baskets full of
dirty laundry.
So I started looking
for some ideas and found
 these little beauties.

Love! Love! Love!
This yellow door.

I'm Lovin this  black
colonial style door.

This would be perfect
for my Hearth Room.

I smell another project!

 And this blue and yellow
 door is divine.
On my adventures
I happened along
Kelly Rae Roberts Blog.

She made her own using a
door she found at
a garage sale for $5.

She had her Father cut
the door in half,
 installed the first half
at the bottom of the
stairs leading up
to their attic
(master bedroom), and
used the other half at
the top of the stairs
 leading down into their
basement (family room, etc).

Here is the link to her post.

Great Idea!

So what did we decide to do?
We cut the door in
half of course. 
We used a 1x6 for the
top/shelf and rounded
the corners so that it
would clear the door jam.
We notched the hinge side
to fit like a puzzle
into the door jam moulding.
We used a 2x4 and planed it
 to thickness so it would
slip down inside the hollow
 core door to provide support
 and act as a mounting surface
for the shelf.
 We attached the planed
2x4 onto the bottom of
the shelf which made
it resemble a t-shape
and slid it down between
the two half's of
 the hollow core door. 
Using 2 screws on each
 side we  attached the
 top/shelf to the door. 
We attached 1/2" moulding
 to hide the screws and
 provide a finished look.

The bottom hinge stayed
but we had to move the
middle hinge down a bit
 and remove the top hinge
 which left notches
 in the door frame.  
We utilized some old wood
blinds we had on hand.
 They were nice and
thin and fit into the notch
 on the door frame where
 the old hinges used to be.

We adding some wood putty and sanded until is was smooth.
And this is what we got.


It turned out great!
And while we are on the
subject of doors......
Another change we made
 since moving in was to
 our pantry door.

We painted it Red.
I found this before
picture from the
original listing.
 (previous owners)

 Pleased as punch :)

Happy Thursday!



  1. What a great idea! Unfortunately I can't think of a place I can use one in my house, but I would if I could!!
    Great job!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  2. Very clever and thrifty too! And it add so much character! Love the red door too - such a fun pop of color!

  3. I *love* this! What is it about Dutch doors that make me a smitten kitten? Great ingenuity with a fabulous result! I'm going to feature this project on my blog tomorrow - thanks for linking up to my Project Party! :-)

    1. Thanks Jenny! That is super fantastic! We have an endless list of projects and love to share. Stay tuned.... much more to come! We are new to the blogging community and appreciate the "shout out"! We look forward to your post tomorrow! Thanks again :)


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