Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two of a Kind

Today I thought I would
share with you the story
 of two pieces that
were meant to be together.

I will start with this guy here.

Not in the best of shape.
But that's how we like em!
This was part of the
same lot as the table and buffet's mentioned here
and here
Nothing some glue and
 screws can't handle.
Here is the finished piece.


And this is his
long lost friend.
We found this one 
a couple of years ago
on craigslist.

The sides are
exactly the same.

Two of a kind :)
While I was snapping
 pictures of the dresser
and chest of drawers
I thought I would snap
a few extra of my bedroom.
I found this cute tray/dish
 at the Goodwill.
This one I picked up
on clearance at Target.
Loving the gold bottom!
The words I would use
 to describe my decorating
style in our master 
bedroom would have to be

( more on this beauty at the post below )






Some would say

I picked up the
two bedside tables
at a local shop.
The headboard we
made ourselves.
We even made our own buttons.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So beautiful, I love to see a piece returned to it's natural form.

  2. Thanks :) We love the natural look as well. But sometimes it is fun to paint a few pieces here and there for fun! Especially if you have to hide some imperfection or wood putty :/ You have some amazing before and after pieces. Great job on the sofa! That takes a lot of patience! Thanks for stopping by:) Happy Tuesday


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