Friday, January 10, 2014

New Library, A Simple Mantle, And A little Valentines Day Décor In The Works

After taking down the Christmas tree this year I decided to move the bookcases and our homemade sign over to this corner of our living room and make a little library.


I have never been a big fan of this corner and was always looking for something to fill it up hence the chalkboard wall. 

But the bookcases and sign really make a difference!

I’m loving it!


I took the homemade book page swag I made for our little Christmas tree in the dining room and draped it across the wall and decided to leave it.

I also hung one of the file drawers I received from Steve as a Christmas gift on the wall.  It already had a small hole in the drawer bottom so I just nailed it to the wall.

I also placed a few of the file drawers on the desk and included a few fun items.



The mantle I decided to keep simple and utilized some of the Fall and Christmas décor that has been making it’s rotation for the past several months.




And I am also working on a little Valentine's Decor.

I found these ping pong table half's at the ReStore in Davenport, Iowa several years back.


Our Son had them in his home so my lovely assistant and I decided to bring one of them home and paint it with some chalkboard paint.



This is what I have come up with so far.


I have been wanting to hang it and Steve took today off so I am taking full advantage of that man of mine today!


Happy Friday :)

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  1. I obviously love it all! That chalkboard wall always gets me! So perfect...

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three


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