Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds Thursday

Since we were out of town on Monday this week is going by extremely fast!

We have a billion things to get done and we won’t be getting anything accomplished here at the homestead on Saturday because we are heading to the  Strawberry Patch Barn Sale in Hartsville, TN!


We <3 Tennessee!!


Here are my Thrift Shop Finds for the week.

I picked these three wicker balls up at the Goodwill.

IMG_2625 (2)

The two smaller ones were only 2.99 ea.

IMG_2627 (2)

and the large only $3.99.

IMG_2631 (2)

I kept the large ball in the basket.

IMG_2646 (2)

And the smaller ones I shuffled around a few times.

I  placed them in this basket for a couple days.

IMG_2225 (2)

IMG_2206 (2)

But decided instead to use them in my spring mantle display.

As seen in this post

IMG_2559 (2)

IMG_2579 (2)

IMG_2544 (2)

IMG_2537 (2)

IMG_2520 (2)

I also snagged these brand new, super fun and colorful placemats.

Only $1.99 for a set of two (2).

IMG_1653 (2)

All 8 for $8.00!

IMG_2652 (2)

Another great find were these nice heavy gold napkin rings for only $2.99.

IMG_2672 (2)

All great finds in my book!


While in Iowa over the weekend my sister gave me these great antique spoons.

IMG_2319 (2)

I plan on making a few of these awesome DIY spoon hook racks!


Found here

We have some old barn board wood that would be perfect for this project!

Speaking of barn board and projects!

The six month anniversary of our blog is May 23rd and we plan on hosting a giveaway to celebrate!

We are making a special addition “eat” sign out of some of our old barn board for the giveaway!

We have it all cut out and ready to finish!

IMG_2324 (2)

We are keeping the finished sign a secret until the giveaway.

We will post all the details at a later date.

Happy Thursday


Happy Thrifting!


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