Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds Thursday


I found some great items this week while out thrifting!

My first great find was this Valeriy Chuikov print for only $4.99.

IMG_0680 (2)

The print was in great condition.

IMG_0689 (2)

But the frame needed a little TLC.

IMG_0686 (2)

We removed the print from the frame. 

IMG_1226 (2)

Took the frame apart and re-glued and clamped the corner the best we could and painted it gold.

Much Better :)

IMG_1235 (2)

IMG_1255 (2)

I also picked up these candle sticks for only $1.99.

IMG_0719 (2)

They have seen better days.

IMG_0720 (2)

IMG_0721 (2)

I just cleaned them up with a little soap and water and they look great!

IMG_1209 (2)

IMG_1189 (2)

IMG_1195 (2)

Along with the picture and candle sticks I also snagged this cute pitcher and bowl set for only $2.99.

IMG_0708 (2)

IMG_0714 (2)

I cleaned it up and swapped it out with the bowl of apples I had in our hutch.




IMG_1218 (2)

And my final find was this little guy.

Only $2.99!

IMG_1250 (2)

All this for less than $20 bucks!

Happy Thrifting :)

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