Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Storage Wars Table

This table was given to us by a local re-sale shop that we frequent often. 

They purchase the contents of abandoned storage sheds and place the items in their shop.

They were going to throw it away due to the fact that a couple of the legs had broken off.

Not a problem for us!

IMG_3312 (2)

Two of the legs were broken off and one of the legs was attached with a bolt and inserts.

IMG_3297 (2)

The insert threads were stripped and needed to be re-tapped.

IMG_3304 (2)

We replaced the dowel pins, filled the bolt holes and glued the legs to the center support.  

IMG_3301 (2)

IMG_3312 (2)

After a little sanding we realized that the top was a piece of some type of painted canvas glued to the top.

Something we had never seen before.

Kind of cool but not worth anything.

They were mass-produced with your typical little gold sticker that said “Made in China”.

IMG_3316 (2)

We gave it a coat of blue paint.

IMG_3757 (2)

And some gold accents.

IMG_4143 (2)

I sprayed some gold spray paint on a piece of wood and painted on the gold details with a small brush.

table leg with arrow (2)

IMG_4160 (2)

IMG_4167 (2)

Happy Tuesday :)

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