Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Potting Station & Patio Revamp


IMG_5114 (2)

We picked up this potting station (of all places) a HyVee Grocery Store in Davenport, Iowa several years past.

They have the BEST outdoor garden section!

At our current home we have it out for all to see due to the fact that it needs to be near a water source.

I wanted to dress it up a bit.

I started with this metal planter that we used for our herbs on our patio at one of our previous homes.

IMG_5018 (2)

I placed a couple of liners in  it and planted some flowers. 

But it looked horribly boring.

IMG_5025 (2)

I picked up 5 pkgs. of sheet moss at Hobby Lobby.

IMG_5039 (2)

IMG_5031 (2)

Pushed back the liner and placed the sheet moss between the liner and the basket.

IMG_5085 (2)

It looks amazing!

IMG_5055 (2)

Night and day difference!

IMG_5114 (2)

IMG_5100 (2)

We have not done much to it over the years but utilize it for potting plants.

When we purchased it the top was one solid piece.

We did change it up right after purhasing it by adding an inexpensive sink sprayer and cutting a circle out of the middle and placing a BBQ grate over the top.

Over time it has rusted up just the way we had hoped it would. 

IMG_5092 (2)

It works great! 

All of the dirt falls through the grate and into the container below.

IMG_5098 (2)

IMG_5162 (2)

Another addition to our patio is this ceramic table I snagged on clearance at Lowes.

IMG_5105 (2)

I could not have found a better match!

IMG_5106 (2)

IMG_5110 (2)

I placed a few things here and there.

IMG_5165 (2)

IMG_5121 (2)

IMG_5169 (2)

Changed up the table a bit.

IMG_5152 (2)

IMG_5186 (2)

Added this mushroom and white pot I found at Marshalls.

IMG_5175 (2)

But the coolest thing would have to be our outdoor Refrigerator!

We painted it BLUE!

IMG_5194 (2)

We removed the door, seal and logo from the front.

Taped it up and sprayed it with an oil-based paint through our air gun. 

IMG_5199 (2)


IMG_5196 (2)

Another addition we made to our backyard this spring was planting several transplants we got from a friend of ours that lives in Nashville.

They survived a two hour trip in the back of the truck.

At that time most of them were bulbs.

IMG_5135 (2)

They were not very happy at first! 

The Banana tree broke in half the first week we planted it and we were not sure if it would survive but it has four leaves now!

IMG_5133 (2)

The small pine tree behind the lounge chairs we picked up last year on clearance at Lowes for only $1.75.

(we planted three total).

IMG_5126 (2)

And the hydrangeas we planted are starting to bloom.

IMG_5139 (2)

IMG_5142 (2)

Happy Summer


Happy Tuesday :)


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  1. I love the outdoor mini-fridge! I want one now! Makes me wish I would have kept my old college mini-fridge!


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