Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lights Camera Action!

On a recent visit back to the Quad Cities
we found this beauty at the Restore!

If your not familiar with your local Restore go check them out! 
We have found some great things there!
It is all donated and gently used (sometimes new), building materials, cabinets, sinks, hardware, flooring, windows, lighting, furniture, tools, paint, paint brushes, carpet remnants, wood flooring
and so much more!
You can donate! 
You can Shop!
It's for a great cause! 

Here is a picture of our hearth room prior
to us purchasing the home.

 Close up of the light once
it was removed.

 (donated to our local ReStore)

Since we did not have anything to put in place of it we decided to hang a candle/light fixture that we had hanging on our front porch at our previous home. 
  I preferred it over the "wheat" light.
This is before we painted. 
 I love the new lighter color!
So we changed it out
and lived with it for a year
(it has no lights so it was a dark corner)
So when we happened upon this little beauty we could not wait to get home
and get to hanging!

  We originally thought that we would hang it in the formal dining room.  But after we got it home we decided it was perfect for the hearth room! I loved the blue covers! 

 They look black in these pictures. 
They looked black at the ReStore as well. 
But once the nice volunteer at the
ReStore got it down for us we noticed
the covers were blue. 
It depends on the light. 
Either way, it looks fabulous!

 I found this material at Walmart on clearance for $3.00 a yard so I snagged up three yards and brought it home and made a cord cover.

On the same visit to the ReStore in the
Quad Cities we also snagged this guy!
We were originally going to paint it black and put it in the hearth room where the above "blue" light ended up.  We loved the look of the brass and thought it would look great in the formal dining room. 
We do not have a before shot of the Dining Room with the old light. 
But here it is after we took it down.
(donated this to the ReStore as well)

Same design as the one in the hearth room.
"Wheat Light" 
Using the same material, I made a cord cover for this one as well. 

My son suggested that I make 
curtains out of the material!
So back to Walmart in the morning.
  I picked up the last 3 1/2 yards and proceeded to make curtains. 
I had a vision of what I wanted them to look like but was not sure if I would be able to find the right rods.
I found these at Lowes 
I like how the rod does not go
completely across the window.
  Each rod is about 20" and swings open.


We swapped out the light in our previous dining room as well.
Old Light
(this one also made it to our local Restore)
New light
A ReStore beauty!

It was originally gold and we painted it black.
I made the cord cover out of an
old pair of men's pants.
Remember this Picture from above?
We found it at the Restore at well!

Along with this chair!

 I love the zipper down the back!
this coffee table!
Again, the ReStore!

 It matched my hearth room dining table (below) which we snagged up on Craig's List prior to moving to Tennessee. We called and offered them a little extra if they would hold it until we moved and they accepted. 


(our previous home)
Above on the porch to the left is the same candle/light
fixture that we temporarily put in our current hearth room .
Look At That Snow!



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